Sunday, November 10, 2013

The taste of Autumn, Power of thanks

How beautiful of Nature this week.  Trees and leaves are changing colors.  I have been searching how I can enjoy tasting of the beautiful Autumn into myself .  I and my yoga class has started to doing Gratitude meditation practice.  I have started own my practice it is called "21 days Gratitude Meditation."    the number of 21. Our cells has renew by 21 days.  so if we do 21 days to continue our mind and body will be renewed.  As I am meditating, I picture the beautiful fall natures that I saw here and there. I give thanks that my mind shows many things in my head while meditating.  I also say "thank you" 100 times a day.  as I do it is interesting that my perception has changed, sifted, and  focused positive and beauty things surrounding me.
It is so powerful !!!   I want to enrich myself by tasting this beauty if Autumn. What do you do for  this Harvest time of season? If you want to join the gratitude practice welcome. let me know.

Here I am enjoying the fall!

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